How to Fix 26 World Problems

This is the post excerpt.


Now before we get into the nitty-gritty here, let me state at the outset that there is no magic, no mystical connection, no relevance whatsoever regarding the number 26 found in the Name of this Web site, other than it is the sum of a collection of world ills I put together a little over a year ago.

This list is incorporated into the Logo of this site, but is unreadable without a magnifying glass, so just look for the About menu option on the home page and click the link provided there , or else  right here is the same list in alphabetical order, just in case you like order better than chaos.

Our sister site called is, as the name indicates, dedicated to eradicating Poverty across the globe, so I will concentrate on just 25 issues here, eliminating ‘poverty’ from the list since that issue will be primarily covered there rather than here, if that is acceptable to my readers.

What you will find here in the remainder of this Blog are things that you or I could do to Fix the 25 world Issues – Simple things, Small things, Sustainable things that I promise can, and will make a difference, a surprising difference, once applied.